Water Rocket Launcher

Making water rocketry universally accessible through 3D printing

Snap-fit assembly. No adhesives. Portable. Worldwide compatibility. Free forever.

Link to Printables.com

All 3D models, free to download without registration. Includes parts lists, discussions, latest updates, and shared Makes from around the world.

Link to Instructables.com

Full written and video instructions to build and set up the launcher. Updated to current Version 1.4. Featured Instructable August 2023.

Design Notes

Detailed notes about the water rocket launcher design. Deep dives on system theory, Core and Base subassemblies, and safety considerations. Overview of design tools.

Video Highlights

Collections of launches, build instructions, and introductory videos.

Water rockets, also known as water bottle rockets or soda bottle rockets, use compressed air to force water out of a bottle to launch homemade rockets high in the air. In contrast to chemical model rocketry, water rocketry is cheap, without fire hazards, and typically allowed in urban areas. They are great for summer fun, STEM learning, class projects and science fairs. 

This is a water rocket launcher system built from 3D-printed parts and readily-available off-the shelf components. No glue or adhesives are required and PVC pipes are entirely optional. If you have access to a 3D printer and a bike pump, you can make your own water rocket launcher. 

This launcher can launch any soda/seltzer bottle in commercial manufacture anywhere in the world. In its simplest version, the design is snap-fit and only 5 non-printed parts are required. The total cost for each launcher is under US $10.

This website houses detailed notes from the design process and additional resources. Up-to-date information can be found on the project's Printables.com page.